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1930's French Terrestrial Globe
1860's Antique Leather Trunk
Vintage Margarete China Set
Cram Terrestrial Globe
Vintage Brass Embellished Magnifier
Great Dane Silver Trophy
Vintage Metal Steamboat
Silver Bowl
Sold Out
Silver Bowl
$ 200.00
Greenfield Girls Basketball Trophy
Set of 6 Frisco Water Glasses
Stacking Mini Bowls Set
Round Red Midcentury Ashtray With Gold/Black Accents
50's Blue Ceramic Ashtray
British Galvanized Bucket
Set of Washburne Paper Fastener Boxes
Silver Coffee Pot
Set of Three Stacking Bowls
African Bone Bead Strand
Tall Ceramic Vase Two Toned
Galvanized Metal Tub
Tall Ceramic Vase
Ceramic Drip Vase
Ceramic Cup
Ceramic Cup
$ 82.00
Brass Plated Trophy
Vintage Greenfield Boys Cup Trophy
Greenfield Girl's Trophy 2nd Place
Two Pieced Wooden Sculpture
Red Square Ashtray
Stemmed Bowl
Stemmed Bowl
$ 65.00
Galvanized French Bucket
Vintage Bosley Camera
Wooden Butter Mold
Dotted Ceramic Bowl
Iron and Brass Mount Hook
Galvanized Bucket
F. Mohren Brass Box for Deodorant
Antidris - Cassis Candle by Maison Louis Marie
Antidris - Lavender Candle by Maison Louis Marie
No.09 Vallée de Farney Candle by Maison Louis Marie
No. 06 Neige De Printemps Candle by Maison Marie Louis
No. 03 L'Etang Noir Candle by Maison Louis Marie
No. 02 Le Long Fond Candle by Maison Louis Marie
Sold Out
Noble Isle Sea of Green Hand Lotion
Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Lotion
Noble Isle Heather Honey Hand Lotion
RB & Co Brass Shoe Nails w. Nails
Small White Ceramic Dish
Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Wash

52 results

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